Principled Operators Investing For The Long Term

What We Do

We buy and grow small companies with the intent of never selling. We work with business owners to transition their legacies to a permanent home. After a business joins the Orionis family, we invest in its people and operations so we can grow together for the next generation and beyond.


A simple, transparent process, a quick closing in 3 months or less, and a fair price.


We build trust with the team, customers, and vendors while the business retains independence with the support of Orionis.


As the new, permanent owner, we invest in the business, people and operations (i.e. sales, accounting, tech, HR, etc.)

Who We Are

We are an experienced group of founders, entrepreneurs, and investors with a proven track record of growing and operating successful businesses. Our mission is to find great companies and help the business reach its potential while enhancing the company’s legacy. We seek to work with business owners who are mission-driven and aim to achieve long-term value.

Select prior companies that our partners have founded, operated or partnered

Investment Criteria

Companies in our family usually have many of the following characteristics.


HQ located in the US

Annual revenues of $3-30 million

Track record of consistent revenues and profits

“Old Economy” industries that aren’t sensitive to economic cycles

Business Owner

Our Approach

We are a fully committed, local buyer and operator of small businesses. Our goal is to grow businesses and their owners’ legacies for the long term. We do so by providing liquidity, growth capital, and day-to-day management. We are not a private equity firm or strategic buyer:

PE Firm

Strategic Buyer (e.g. competitor)


Our team is composed of entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors.

Edoardo Maggini

Managing Partner

Letter to Founders

As former founders ourselves, we know that selling your business is not easy but can be one of the most rewarding events as an entrepreneur. Orionis Capital was created to provide the opportunity of a great liquidity event as well as a stable future for your company. We partner with owners to help unlock the tremendous potential of their business while transferring ownership and leadership positions to an operating team that is focused on the long-term growth and success of your company. Myself, as well as certain key team members, will join senior management post-acquisition and will become fully committed to preserving your legacy, building upon the incredible success you have established, and partnering with the highest level of integrity with employees, suppliers, and customers.

Unique Exit Solution

Prosper from a liquidity event and step back from the day-to-day business or assume a more focused role, yet maintain the long-term legacy of your business and continue to build upon the success you have worked so hard to create.

Peace of Mind

1. Your business will not become just another company within a vast portfolio, absorbed within a larger parent company or positioned for a quick flip through cost-cutting measures and headcount reduction. We are in it for the long haul with the team you have built.

2. You are handing the reins to ambitious, talented and energetic people excited to build the company to the next level while maintaining your legacy.

3. My executive team and I will infuse new energy and bring the same entrepreneurial spirit that helped you successfully build the business into what it is today.

Understand Your Concerns

1. We will work to meet your personal goals as an owner, a manager, a partner, and a member of your community.

2. We will move quickly to execute a timely transaction. We have significant available capital and can move quickly to close.

3. We will operate under strict confidentiality.

Customizable Structure

1. Orionis Capital’s unique structure allows us to custom-tailor deal terms to address the various different needs of a seller.

2. We are open to partnering with entrepreneurs through retained equity ownership and/or continued employment contracts.

Relationship Driven

We believe that throughout this entire process building and fostering relationships with you, your employees, your customers, your suppliers, and the communities you are part of, is priority number one and the foundation for success.

We see these groups as people and not as members of a transaction. Businesses are more than just a vehicle to earn a living and make money and too often that is forgotten.

Edoardo Maggini
Managing Partner
Orionis Capital

Let’s Have a

We promise complete confidentiality.